What Makes a True Roofer?

Signs of a Professional Roofing Contractor

A roofing contractor or expert team must possess a business license, which shows they have been in operation for at least 2 years and was issued by a jurisdiction which requires a test for licensing, however, this is not always the case in some states. They should also possess a certificate of insurance which shows they have general liability protection. Evidence of them passing a recognized examination which addresses roofing work on residential and commercial property is a bonus too.

When the time comes to choose a roofing contractor, please be aware that not all roofers are the same. A new roof is a huge investment, so you should take your time in order to make the right decision. Remember to use your common sense and follow the tips we, at Four Seasons Roofing - Redondo Beach of Redondo Beach, CA, have listed below. Never sign anything, and when you do, remember that it is considered a legal and binding contract.

Never sign a contract or proposal that does not state a price for the job. As every contract MUST HAVE state a price, below is a list of things which you should see on a legal and binding contract, should you not see any of these then do not put pen to paper EVER!

1. The scope of work and materials to be provided.
2. The cost for damages known at the time, and the dates of service.
3. The roofing contractor’s contact and address information.
4. Identification of the contractor’s liability coverage and their insurer contact information.
5. What the contractor’s policy is regarding cancellation and refund on any deposit including a rescission clause, which allows the property owner to rescind the contract for services, plus, obtain a full refund of deposits given within 72 hours after they have entered the contract.

So if you want peace of mind this coming winter, then pick up the phone today and call (310) 504-3005 today.

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